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Easy & Intermediate Sweater Knitting Patterns

Easy & Intermediate Sweater Knitting Patterns

It might seem like a very big project to start knitting your own sweater or cardigan if you use to knit hat and mittens etc, but actually, it is not. It is so rewarding to knit your own clothes, and there is nothing as beautiful as wearing you own knitted clothes! Here are some sweater knitting patterns I found on the internet.

 Try One Of These Easy Sweater Knitting Patterns:

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Zoe's Aran Sweater for Children Knit Pattern Aran Cable and Rib Sweater Knitting Pattern Aran Garter Stitch Tee sweater Knit Pattern

Zoe’s Aran Sweater for Children

Aran Cable and Rib Sweater

Aran Garter Stitch Tee sweater

Sweater Knitting Patterns Sweater Knitting Patterns RoadsEndSweater_4
Opening Nights Pattern Celsius Cardigan Sweater Roads End Sweater
full_5347_78004_Secrecy_2 full_8268_115478_RiverbraidSweater_3 full_4079_85582_LittleElsasSweater_3
Secrecy Pattern River Braid Sweater Little Elsa’s Sweater

The above sweater patterns for knitting are all easy to knit. If you are a beginner to knitting you can try any of them and still be successful.

The opening nights pattern is great because it is a sweater that fits all kinds of body types and sizes, and that also means you don’t have to be as careful about gauge knitting this pattern.




Knitting your own sweater is easier — and more fun — than you may think! In this class, you will discover the basics as you knit alongside expert Caddy Melville Ledbetter. She will help you to create a cute, cozy cardigan and show you step by step how to do it!

Join the class: Sweater Knitting Basics & Beyond

Join the class: Sweater Knitting Basics & Beyond


MFC:s “Increase Your Skills” Tips:

If you are interested in increasing you skills knitting your own sweaters, I am sure the following knitting classes will be a great help for you! This knitting class “My First Sweater“, are perfect if you have never knitted your own sweater, but want to try this out! On the other hand; if you are looking for more advanced knit classes for knitting sweaters; the other two classes mentioned below classes might be a good choice!

When purchasing a class you will get instant access to it. You can watch the class at any time and it will last for life! And there is no risk involved – you get full money back guarantee.

Click The Link And Join Your Favorite Class:

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my-first-sweater-lion-brand-1382716268637 titleCard the-top-down-icelandic-sweater-1378772164042
How To Knit A Sweater The Seamless Artemisia Sweater The Top Down Icelandic Sweater

Here you can take a look at some student projects from the three above mentioned knitting classes:

How To Knit A Sweater:
My Really First Cardigan My First Garnet 38 BlingCardigan Glacier sweater
The Seamless Artemisia Sweater:
full_1224_281019_Ilovethispattern_1 full_1433_291723_QuiltMoxieArtemisia_1
The Top Down Icelandic
I loved making this Icelandic sweater My Iceland sweater Second MarenS weater

Here are some other resources that can help you learn how to knit a sweater and how to knit a baby sweater.


My Favorite Craft Knitting Resource Box:


Beautiful Sweater and Cardigan Knitting Patterns

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ClairdeLune_5 CasualCardigan_1 TheLighthouseKeepersWife_1
Claire De Lune Pattern Casual Cardigan Pattern The Lighthouse Keepers Wife

All three of the above sweater patterns are made for knitters with intermediate knitting  skills. “The lighthouse keepers wife” is a pattern that allow the knitter to create a custom fit; it is easy for you to adjust it to your own preferences.

In order to knit the “casual cardigan”, you need to know how to knit cables while the “clair de lune pattern” need skills on knitting lace.

Baby Sweater Knitting Patterns:

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LatteBabyCoat_6 SummerBreezeBabySweater_1 Entrechat
Latte Baby Coat Pattern Summer Breeze Baby Sweater Entrechat Pattern

To knit a sweater can be a little bit tricky if you are not used to knitting and do not have the skills necessary to put the sweater together.

Even the sweater patterns for babies above are not beginner patterns; you need to be an intermediate knitter in order to complete the projects. The absolutely adorable “flower cardigan pattern” are an even more complicated pattern and need you to be an advanced knitter to follow the instructions.


Vintage Sweater Patterns For Free

Baby Sacque Pattern
Baby Jacket

Baby Sacque Pattern


Other Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern Knit In One Piece


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