Sock Monkey Booties Pattern

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 Sock Monkey Booties Pattern for Kids

Sock Monkey Booties Pattern for Adults

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Sock Monkey Booties

I guess every child love the animal theme…that is why we have it on all kinds of things when it comes to children, Animals on blankets, on hats, as toys, on clothes and much more. You can even have animals on the children’s feet, how cool is that! Now this sock monkey pattern above also comes in adult size! So now you do not need to just watch the children have fun, now you can join them! When you knit the sky is the limit, you can create all kinds of things and make people happy with the knitted items.

If you have some experience knitting you can make more out of your crafted skill. Have you ever thought about making things that people actually can give as gifts to others? Many knitters are doing this and get extra income. Homemade presents are so appreciated, but not everyone has the time or skill for it, so why not help them out? The sock monkey pattern above for example…I am sure that this pattern would be appreciated by many people!

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