Mini Lovey Blankie Menagerie Pattern

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This Mini Lovey Blankie Menagerie, with their cute little faces, is an absolute favorite amongst the little ones. The pattern comes with 6 different animals;  bear, monkey, lamb, elephant, bunny, and a little piggy in a blanket.

A choice of 2 blanket easy stitch patterns, with each blanket only 12″ square, makes them easy to fit anywhere!

Cuddly Blanket Toys

The small and cozy blanket toys are some very popular patterns to knit. You can find the patterns under many different names, such as buddy blanket, comfort blanket, blanket toys, lovey blanket, security blanket and more. no matter what you call them…these are perfect when you need a gift for baby showers and other occasions, or if you just need a toy for your baby!  They are often very quick projects to knit and if you are a newbie to knitting and are struggling with gauge, you can just relax since that is most often not an issue with these blankies. The only thing you might be thinking about is to make sure you are knitting so tight so the filling will not come out. That could be a risk for the baby.

So just make a choice and start to knit a cuddly blanket toy for someone you love!


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        • admin says:

          I am sorry for the misunderstanding, I am not trying to mislead anyone. May I ask where you got the information that this was a free pattern? I would like to change the info and make it right. Thanks.

          • Mary marshall says:

            On The picture of the bla lies it says very clearly FREE. I knit for the hospital and charities and just feel it is sch a waste of time when it is ckark stated that patterns are FREE when clearly they are not. I hope you will check all you are advertising and remove the word FREE.


          • admin says:

            Ok, I found some places on Pinterest where they have pinned this pattern as a free pattern, but I have no control of what they do on their account. I will try to find them and write a note. Thank you for letting me know. If you can not reach the sales page, try to change the settings since that sales page is ok.

    • admin says:

      Hi! No problem, just follow the link and you will come to a salespage where you can buy the pattern (paypal or creditcard), and then download the pattern to your computer immediately. So the pattern are avaible all over the world.

      Here is the link: Good Luck!

  1. Janet says:

    Hi,I have tried to purchase this patter,and have instructed PayPal to pay,but since,notice that it is unable to be purchased in u.k.?It looks like the funds have gone from my PayPal account?

  2. Lorraine says:

    Hi I had just paid for and downloaded a pattern for only the monkey blankie when you’re pin advertised many different animals will I be getting the other animals in the near future as I really wanted the elephant one. If this had be advertised as only the monkey one I would not have purchased it

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