Some Words About Knitting Stitches

There are two main knitting stitches: Knit and Purl

Each of these stitches has several variations from which you can create all kinds of items. That is what’s so exciting with knitting; you can be creative and making everything from hats, scarves, sweaters or other things to wear or you can make blankets, table clothes or other practical things. And tons of other things!

The knit stitch (k) might be the most basic knitting stitch. You form this stitch by making loops that interweave with one another.
To make a knit stitch: Draw a loop of yarn by using a needle, through the existing stitch that is already resting on the other needle.
The knit side of knitting is the smooth side, and the purl stitch side of the item is bumpy.
To make a purl stitch you have to hold the yarn facing your knitting rather than in the back, as done in the knit stitch.



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