Knitting Lessons – Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan

To be able to knit lace is many knitters dream…here you get all help you need to make your own lace cardigan!

Click Here To Join: The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan with Myra Wood.

Click Here To Join: The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan with Myra Wood.

Myra Wood is a teacher that gives classes in a lot of crafts, such as knitting, beading and crochet. Her emphasis is on free form.

In these knitting lessons she is going to teach how to knit a raglan bolero. This bolero is the perfect first sweater. So if you are a beginner these are the knitting instructions that you need! She will show how to fit as you go and add the easiest lace knitting ever.

Knitting Lessons For Beginners

Creative, crazy lace; that is what you should expect from this knit class! Whether you are a beginner knitter that now are ready to tackle your first sweater, or an experienced knitter that will start an adventure in lace, you will love this knitting lessons online; The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan.

In this class you will be given a worksheet to transform your measurements into a custom sweater pattern. This will work for any kind of body shape; you do not need to be an “average”..! The basic design taught in this knitting class is a seamless raglan bolero worked in the round and ready to wear as soon as you finish the knitting.

Online Knitting Classes

If you want to learn more about how to knit sweaters that fits your body, try this Knitting Class: Knit to flatter

This class hosted by Myra Wood is called Crazy Lace because there will be BIG FUN playing with knit stitch patterns. You will learn a creative approach that makes lace knitting fun instead of intimidating. You will also pick up other techniques along the way, like magic loop knitting, shaping with ribbing, and fun details like buttonholes.

Myra says that once you learn this pattern, you’ll want to make it again and again! And you will be able to use this crazy lace in anything!

This is what you get:

14 HD Video Lessons:

Introduction    11:24 (length of video)

Taking Measurements          20:20

Top Down Construction       13:31

Knit Prep       1:03:34

The Cardigan Yoke              47:06

Continuing the Bolero           37:27

The Cardigan Body              30:04

Cardigan Sleeves                 42:31

The Cardigan Button Band   23:28

Crazy Lace    46:44

Crazy Lace Increases 1        59:37

Crazy Lace Increases 2        50:27

Body Shaping 10:59

Bonus: Buttonholes               16:58


Short review of the knitting lessons: What other students say about The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan:

  • Myra is the perfect teacher
  • She explained every technique simply – I was able to create a beautiful fit well sweater.
  • I got quick and clear answers from my questions
  • For the first time I know want to wear my knitted sweater!
  • I have got many useful tips
  • Amazing class, extremely well presented.
  • The knit class covers a wide variety of topics useful for all knitting projects.
  • I recommend it highly!
  • I learned a lot form Myra’s teachings!
  • This is a really good class and fully explained.



If you are interested in honing your knitting lace skills, there are also other online knitting classes with excellent teachers available. Take a look at the videos below; they are presenting two very professional knitting classes that you can join in an instant. Click The Link and start your adventure today!

titleCard knitting lace shawls
 Mastering Lace Shawls
titleCard knitting lace basics
Lace Knitting – Basics And Beyond 


Looking for knitting patterns? Check our homepage! There are a lot of patterns to choose from! Many of them are free patterns!

There are more knitting classes and knitting lessons to be found on the net.

Knitting Lace Technique

Some words about lace:

Lace is a way of making fabrics, where holes are giving the knitted or crocheted item their unique look. (There are also other techniques for making lace). Shawls, socks, table clothes, sweaters and much much more can be created with knitted lace technique.

Many countries have a long tradition of knitting lace; Estonia is one of them.

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