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Have you ever wanted your knitted sweater to fit you just perfect, but instead found it hanging like a sack or maybe sitting too tight over some parts..:)? Well, then these Knitting class might be right for you!

Click Here To Join The Knitting Class: Knit to Flatter with Amy Herzog.

The teacher Amy Herzog says: “You are beautiful. Your body is perfect.” And if that is the case…and it is of course; then our hand-knitted sweaters should also fit our bodies perfectly.

We all know that our bodies all look different and this class will help you determine your body shape so you can knit the perfect sweater for you! The knitting lessons will tell you about necklines, sleeves and other parts that need to be considered when knitting the perfect clothing.

Amy is the author of the book called Knit to flatter as well as the Fit to Flatter blog.

Here are a few student projects from the class:

Colour Riot Crazy Lace Cardi Knit to Flatter Fine fit Cypress
Taliesin Adult Version Wheat Fields Test Knit My First Sweater EVER
Finally A Sweater That Really Fits ME Holloway pullover


What other students say about Knit to Flatter:

  • A fantastic course!
  • Important and applicable content
  • Love the class!
  • A class that would fit even non-knitters – to learn about what flatters your body.
  • Clear knitting instructions with handout notes
  • Great instructor that is easy to listen to and to follow.
  • Because of this class my knitting is now on a new level.
  • Great info …Liked that she had models for the three main body shapes
  • Amy’s class goes right to the top of the list of knitting classes I have joined.
  • The teacher is a delight to watch and listen to.
  • I watched all the videos and did all the exercises in one day.
  • It is a well-organized class and has a great flow.
  • The class knit to flatter class was absolutely worth my time
  • Amy’s instructions opened my eyes about how to choose a size for a knit pattern, and I am very glad that I purchased this class.
  • Wonderful knit class!
  • I got intimidation and mystery removed!
  • Love the fact that I can watch the videos over and over again.
  • The knowledge I got from Amy’s talk about our bodies changed the way I look at my own body, and how I dress it.
  • Now I feel a lot more confident about knitting my next sweater!

Some facts about the class:

People are asking if they need a knit pattern with the class, and the answer is that you are free to use any patterns like to knit your new sweater. The class will give you the basic of how to measure your body and then apply that to any sweater pattern you like.

If you feel your body shape is unique you will absolutely benefit from this class. It is not just for average body figures.

You will get ten video lessons with knitting instructions that cover in-depth knowledge and class material that you can download (size and ease charts).

You are able to give feedback and ask your question in the online classroom. You will get feedback from a knit instructor as well as fellow students.

The knitting class is available to you as long as you want it to be! That means you are welcome to watch it over and over again!

Join Knit to Flatter here

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