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Choose From Many Knitted Toys Patterns

Knitted Toy Patterns – For Fun!

There are all types of patterns you can get for knitting. Anything from clothes to blankets to toys, most anything you would like to make there is a pattern for. You can also pick something fun like making knitted toys, these are always loved by the young.

Super Cute Animal Toy Patterns

Just look at them…these funny and cute animal toys are begging to be made and played with! Pich the one you like and start a new knitting project today!

9041: Centipedes Knit Pattern

9022: Owl Knit Pattern

Knit Animal Friends


Do you have a young person in your life that loves dogs? Below you can find dog knitting patterns so they can get their very own pet dog. You will also find a variety of other knitted toy patterns, such as bears and owls.

Funny Knitted Toys:

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Knitted Toy Patterns monk 3monk
The Teddybear That Saved My Life  Baby Bear Cheeky Monkey

MFC:s “Hone Your Knitting Skills” Tips:

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If you want to hone your skills on how to knit stuffed animals, you might be interested in the following knitting classes. If you know how to make these funny animals you can make so many toys with variations and twists that make each one unique! Joining Craftsy’s knitting classes is a lovely experience!

They are interactive so you can ask the teacher questions. You have lifetime access to the class and there is no risk involved purchasing a class…you get a full money back guarantee! So join thousands of other happy knitters and learn to make some fun animals!

Wee Ones: Seamless Knit Toys

The (Not So) Itty-Bitty Giraffe

 Learn To Make Knitted Toys

In the class: Wee Ones: Seamless Knit Toys Susan B. Anderson shows how to shape three different animal heads using double-pointed needles. Then you will learn how to pick up stitches in order to knit the rest of the body. Following this class, you will be able to put together the animals and decorate them to make them look stunning! And you will learn a lot more I should say!

Click here to join the class: Wee Ones: Seamless Knit Toys

In this class, Susan B Anderson teaches you how to knit a super cute giraffe. You will get a detailed pattern that will help you create this soft and sturdy handmade toy! The giraffe measures 20” (50 cm) and you will knit it up in just a few hours!

Click Here to join this class
:  The (Not So) Itty-Bitty Giraffe

Knitted Toys Patterns For Fun!

To knit animals for the kids must be one of the most rewarding things we can do. It is so fun to make these small creations and see how our kids become happy for them.

All three of the above toys patterns come with patterns that need you to have some basic knitting skills in order to complete the animals. If it is your first time knitting stuffed animals it might feel a little bit hard, since they do not always end up looking the way we would like it…, but it is just to try and try again! Finally, you will be satisfied with the result!

Knit a bunch of them and give the knitted toys away to the little ones in your life and you will make friends forever I think!

Have you read the story about the pattern: “The teddy bear that saved my life”? If not, Click here: The Teddybear That Saved My Life and go to the pattern. There you can read about the designer’s experience. It is a really touching story!


 Look At The Cute Dog Knitting Patterns!

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PocketPuppy_1 PuppyDog_5
Pocket Puppy Pattern  Puppy Dog Pattern

The above toy dog knitting patterns are so cute. Whether you like the small furry friends or the cool multi-colored dog pattern they are all worth trying. Only the striped dog pattern is according to the designers suitable for beginners. The other two need you to have some knitting experience.

The Jacob puppy pattern also comes with many photo tutorials that will help you along the way.


My Favorite Craft Knitting Resource Box:



Various Toy Patterns

The following patterns are quick and most of them are very easy to knit. The fun thing with these animals is that even after only little effort, you will have a great toy to give away!

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full_9296_11200_BabyLamb_1 full_6686_55239_Owl_5
Baby Lamb Toy Owl Pattern  
orange-owl MilkCow menagerei
Wide Awake Sleepy Owls Pattern Milk Cow Pattern Mini Lovey Blankie Menagerie 

You can find other toys patterns here.


Knitted Toys – Made To Love

There is no feeling like giving a knitted toy to a child to love. You can make a different animal for all the little ones you know.

I remember the first knitted animal I made, he didn’t look like much of a horse but he was made by my hand. Since that time my skills have improved and my children still have their favorite knitted toy. They are now able to knit toys and blankets for their own children. These projects will become family heirlooms with time, not worth much money but treasured all the same. The best things money can not buy are made with love.


Knitted Toys Patterns – Knitted For Charity

Knitted baby sets, blankets, and toys never go wrong as a donation to any hospital. You may even be able to join a knitting group, swap patterns and maybe learn a new skill. What a unique way to get the kids to try something new.

There are always elderly people in homes who would love to pass their knitting knowledge on to some young or not so young person. What a great thing that would be for everyone.

Knitting while being a great pass time also keeps your hands busy and nimble, no busy hand ever got into trouble my mother always said. Boy did I ever keep mine busy, and a love of knitting grew from it. Give it a try or pass it on to someone you know, you will never be sorry you did.


Knitted Doll Clothes Patterns

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full_1987_12630_FLowerPower18dollKNITTINGpattern_1 veryEASYKnittingPATTERN18dollset_1 Belle
Flower Power Baby Doll 18 Doll Clothes Very Easy
Knitting Pattern
Belle – For American Dolls


Get some more fun knitting toy patterns.  You can also make a sweater  – on of many dog knitting patterns.

Find more free baby knitting patterns here and other cute baby knit patterns here.

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