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Knitted Scarves Patterns Makes Beautiful Gifts

Make Beautiful Gifts – Knitted Scarves Patterns

Scarves are tremendously versatile. A scarf can make almost any outfit more fashionable instantaneously. Unlike some accessories, however, scarves are also highly useful. Knitted scarves can instantly warm anyone up during the wintertime. The combination of functionality and fashion makes scarves excellent gifts! Here you can find some beautiful knitted scarves patterns:

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Knitted Scarves patterns - Rhondaly Infinity Scarf   Thinking of You Knitted Scarf Guro Heddelid Scarf  Pattern Challah Infinity Scarf Knit Pattern
 Rhondaly Infinity Scarf Pattern  Thinking of You Scarf Pattern  Guro Heddelid Pattern Challah Infinity Scarf Pattern

Scarf Knitting Patterns for All Knitters

There are so many lovely knit scarves patterns to choose from, and the above patterns are just a few.  Some of them that I display here are so-called “infinity scarves patterns.”

An infinity scarf is large and has a closed loop. This kind of scarf can be worn in a variety of trendy ways, and are very popular today. As a fact, you could also wear this scarf as a shawl if you like.

The Rhondaly infinity scarf is a very simple pattern, and you will be able to make it with only some basic knitting skills. So are the other to infinity scarves patterns above. Very easy – real knitting beginners patterns!

The two lace knit scarves patterns need you to have intermediate knitting skills. Go visit the page by clicking the image or link in order to see the exact skills needed for each pattern. The hooded scarf pattern is made for advanced knitters.

If you want some free patterns on scarves click here!



Hooded Scarf Knitting Pattern

A hooded scarf is many people’s dream during the long and cold winter month. And the best ones is, of course, the ones you made yourself!

This hooded scarf is actually more than just a scarf……you can clothe yourself with this piece of knitted scarf! It is warm and cozy, something to love for a long time! It is a kit, so you will get both pattern and proper yarn!

Helsinki II Hooded Scarf Knitting Pattern - KIT

Helsinki II Hooded Scarf Knitting KIT


Hooded Scarf “Ingrid” Pattern


 My Favorite Craft Knitting Resource Box:


MFC:s “Increase Your Skills” Tips:

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Warming Knitting Ideas

With hand knitted scarves patterns, people can make scarves for their friends and families for the winter holidays, without having to pay for anything other than the materials. In the process, they will be able to develop their knitting skills, while learning new knitting ideas.

You can make your own knitted scarves at home with the right scarf knit pattern. Plenty of different colors and textures are possible when it comes to knitting scarves.

You can create scarves that appear very smooth to the touch, and scarves that appear full and thick. Similarly, you can create scarves whose coloration will remind every one of the springtime, as well as scarves that appear right at home among the winter surroundings.

Scarf patterns give people plenty of different options. You can create a scarf that perfectly matches the tastes of your friend or family member.

Here are more example of beautiful ladies knitted scarves patterns:

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Lucky No 7 Infinity Loop Knit Pattern Entrelac Scarf Pattern Spindrift Scarf Pattern
Lucky No 7 Infinity Loop Pattern Entrelac Scarf Pattern – FREE! Spindrift Scarf Pattern 

The Lucky infinity loops scarf and the Entrelac Pattern are both beginner patterns, while the shawl called spindrift comes with a pattern that is for intermediate knitters.


If you like the retro style, maybe som of these patterns might interest you:


  Elliot Tartan Knitted Scarf Vintage Knitted Scarf Pattern Scarf Pattern Style No 138
Elliot Tartan Scarf Scarf Pattern

Scarf Pattern Style No 138


Here comes another one:

Detailed Scarf Knitting Patterns

Most scarf knitting patterns will specify the exact materials that you need, so there shouldn’t be any confusion. Many other patterns will also give you some idea of the requisite skill level involved, so you will know whether you are challenging yourself or not when you try to make this particular scarf.

Knitting scarves require a certain degree of skill, but it is nowhere near as difficult as knitting socks and similar garments. People that are beginners when it comes to knitting should give knitting scarves a try since it can be a good stepping stone to other projects. All in all, knitted scarves patterns can help hobbyists explore exciting new territories and learn new things.

More knitting ideas you can find here, and here: Knitting gift ideas



Video Knitted Scarves Patterns

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