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Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns for Real Christmas Feel

Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns for Real Christmas Feel

Knitted Christmas stocking patterns are among the most popular patterns throughout the entire knitting niche. When many people imagine someone knitting, they see the classic image a person knitting by a warm fire as the snow falls gently outside. A picture of a person knitting Christmas stockings could easily become a classic Christmas card in its own!

Holly Christmas Stocking Knitted
Holly Christmas Stocking Knitted
Knitted Christmas Stocking Evergreen
Knitted Christmas Stocking Evergreen

Moose Christmas Stocking

Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns babysfirst Snowman Christmas Stocking Pattern
Snowman Christmas Stocking Pattern
Set of 6 Christmas Patterns Baby’s First Christmas Stocking
FreeChristmasStocking_1 angel   Nordic Overnight Christmas Stocking
Free Christmas Stocking Pattern  Angel Christmas Stocking

Nordic Overnight Christmas Stocking

Holly Christmas Stocking     Icicle Christmas Stocking

Holly Christmas Stocking

Mix-It-Up Christmas Stocking Intarsia

Icicle Christmas Stocking

The connection between Christmas and the specific act of making gifts is also strong. The image of Santa’s elves toiling away at making gifts is a popular one, I guess affect the way we perceive the entire holiday and preparations for the holiday. So why not join the Santa’s elves and start making some cozy knitted items!

Personalized Stockings
hollysnow croassandleaf Personalised Christmas Stocking
 Holly & Snowflake Stocking  Cross & Leaf Stocking

Personalised Christmas Stocking


Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns – Tutorials:


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sockmonk Christmasstocking
Sock Monkey Stocking Christmas Stockings Pattern


Vintage Christmas Stockings

Christmas Knitting

Most Christmas stockings are knitted. While some Christmas stockings are made from other types of materials, knitted Christmas stockings have always sold well. They have an appealing homemade quality even when they were purchased at the store, and they look strangely appropriate hanging by the fireplace.

Christmas knitting can create a certain amount of pressure for knitters, but with great Christmas stocking patterns, everything will run much more smoothly.

You can find Christmas stocking knitting patterns for people that are new to knitting, as well as people that have tried nearly every pattern and are looking for something more challenging.

If you want to be able to make Christmas stockings for all of your friends and family (which many are doing) will have plenty of options. There are so many various Christmas patterns to choose from. These kinds of knit patterns are often also very easy to personalize with letters for initials and names which will make the gift, even more precious.

Knitting is a valuable skill that anyone can develop as they make gifts for others. A nice Christmas knitting stocking pattern can be the first step for many to go on becoming dedicated hobbyists.


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