How To Knit Socks


To knit socks is often the very first project that new knitters are getting hold of. It looks somewhat hard but actually is not compared to many other knitting projects.

Many of us have been watching grandma knitting socks for the whole family with ease!

But where should you start if you have never done it before?

Well, my suggestion is that you start with a great knitting class in order to learn the technique properly from the beginning (saving you a lot of time and troubles…).

My First Socks with Lucy Neatby

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These socks are a few of the student projects from the class “my first socks”:

These Fit Perfectly Cuddly Socks
My Second Pair of Socks My first real socks My First Pair of Simply Splendid Socks


Learn How To Knit Socks For Beginners

In this class, you learn how to knit your first, favorite pair of socks. You can use whatever yarns you love to make beautiful, comfortable socks. The class offers you step-by-step guidance so it will be very easy for you to learn.

Here are the titles of the lessons given:

Lesson 1. Sock Anatomy & Casting On

Lesson 2. Joining & Working in the Round

Lesson 3. Cuffs, Edgings & the Leg

Lesson 4. The Heel

Lesson 5. Knit-Up Round & Instep Shaping

Lesson 6. The Toe & Finishing

Lesson 7. Choosing Your Sock Option

If you check the rating and reviews of this class you will see how popular and loved the teacher is. They say that the teacher is a great instructor and make it easy to understand.  The students love their socks and many, many so pleased with the class.

This class is a class that fits a knitting beginner that wonder how to knit socks as well as someone who have been knitting before. One student sais she has been avoiding knitting socks before, but after this class she is no longer scared!

The class is after the purchase available to you 24/7 so watch whenever you like and where ever you might be! The class never expires so you can watch over and over again if you like.

So do not hesitate! Start knitting your first pair of socks..I promise you…it will be a habit of yours! No risk involved, when you buy, you get full money back guarantee.

Join Here: My First Socks

Pond Stripes Heavy Socks My Firs tFair Isle Socks My first pair of knitted socks
Loving My First Socks My First Sock

My First Socks




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