Easy Knitting Projects For Beginners

Super Easy Knitting for Beginners

On this page I have collected some video tutorials on small, easy knitting patterns for beginners. This is a great way for you to start this wonderful craft called knitting.

You will see that it is not all that hard to do, and I really hope that you will love to do these small knitted items.

How to Knit Pencil Cozies

This is super, super simple, and fun! If you have a young child at home that want to make something crafty; this will be a nice thing for him or her to try.


Knitted Fingerless Gloves | A Quick and Easy Knitted Project

Fingerless gloves are trendy and also very warming. This pattern is also very simple, so why not make more than one pair; these gloves are excellent gifts! Make several of them and keep them in a basket and give to anyone who comes through your door! They will remember you with gladness and feel you love through it!


How to Knit a New Born Baby’s Hat For Beginners

This is such a nice and easy knitting project for knitting beginners. Even if you have never tried knitting before, you can make these small cuties.

Simple Knitting Patterns for Beginners

How To Knit A Very Easy Scarf For Beginners

Scarves are simple knitting patterns for beginners. A scarf was one of my first projects in school, and I think this knitting scarf patterns is almost the same. Good Luck!                  !

Knit a Garter Stitch Scarf








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