Find Your Free, Easy Knitting Patterns On This Page

On this page, you will find some nice, free and easy knitting patterns for you to download. If you are a knitting beginner it is important that you start with something that is not so hard to make and that is quickly finished. When you succeed making one item, you will soon start another one, as soon as you’ve got bitten by the knitting bug! Why not find your own favorite and start your new knitting project today!

Free Knit Hat Patterns

Braided Winter Cap - Free Knitted Hat Pattern

Lovely Lace Hat Pattern

  Cloche Bulky Yarn

Braided Winter Cap

Lovely Lace Hat

Nora II Cloche Bulky Yarn

Purple Beanie Knitted Hat pattern Kid's Team Colors Beanie Simple Slouched Beanie
Purple Stitch Project Beanie

Kid’s Team Colors Beanie

Simple Slouched Beanie
Scallop Lace Hat pattern Circle of Friends and Hearts Hat Ripple Cable Hat Pattern
Scallop Lace Hat Circle of Friends and Hearts Hat Ripple Cable Hat


Free Hat Knitting Patterns for Men

BCamouflage knitted Hat pattern Tega (21-23") Stormy Water
Bill’s Camouflage Hat Tega Stormy Waters  

Popular Free, Easy Knitting Patterns for Babies

Hugs Kisses Preemie Hat Pattern Striped Pom Pom Beanie Knitted Hat
Hugs and Kisses Preemie Hats  Striped Pom Pom Beanie

The above three baby patterns are all very popular and free, of course. The striped pom-pom beanie hat is knitted in the round and easy to put together. This is a perfect hat if knit if you have some colorful yarn in your stash. The Bunny Mini Cuddly Blankie Pattern may look hard but the pattern comes with step by step photos, descriptions without abbreviations and more.

Find more free baby knitting patterns here

Free Online Knitting Classes


Free Valentine Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Patterns - Valentine Cowl Pattern Matching Hearts Hat Love Cup Cozy Pattern
Valentine Cowl Pattern Matching Hearts Hat Love Cup Cozy Pattern

Cowl And Scarves – Free Knitting Patterns

There are so many beautiful knitting patterns out there, and here I show a few free knitting pattern for scarves and cowls.

They all look different depending on yarn and patterns, but all of them are easy to make and suitable for beginners.

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Easy Peasy Reversible Cowl Entrelac scarf pattern West Desert Hood Pattern
Easy Peasy Reversible Cowl Pattern Entrelac Scarf West Desert Hood Pattern

Some of the above patterns might look complicated, but really they are not. They are simple patterns, but look great! That’s good, isn’t it!


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Tutorial on Knitting a Scarf and Cowl

If you need help to start your first project, these knitting instructions for beginners video to make your first cowl or scarf might be a help for you.

Click the image and find the videos on the next page.

How To Knit A Basic Scarf how to knit a cowl
How To Knit a Basic Scarf How To Knit A Cowl


Classic Vintage Knitting Patterns:

Checker Scarf Pattern - Knitted Vintage Pattern

Giant Rib Pattern - Vintage Knit Pattern

Checker Scarf Pattern Giant Rib Pattern


 My Favorite Craft Knitting Resource Box:


Tutorials on How To Knit A Triangle Shawl

Knit Triangle Shawl – How To


Easy knitting patterns for shawls

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simple Easy Knitting patterns pie
Simple Shawl Glam Shells Easy As A Pie!

To knit your own shawl is very exciting and rewarding.  You can make shawls that fit every occasion and many of the knitting patterns are really easy and fast to knit.

The Glam shells pattern and Jasmine silk pattern are both patterns for intermediate crocheters, which mean that you need some knitting experience and skills to make them. The Glam shell shawl is really popular and has a lot of downloads.

The other are knit shawl patterns for beginners or even novice, which means that anyone can knit them!

The “Easy as a pie”, pattern, is a quick, top-down triangular shawl that looks very elegant. The pattern is a four-row pattern repeated. If you have ever wanted to knit lace, this pattern is perfect for a start.

If you need some knitting instructions how to knit, please check out our resource box below!



One easy knitting pattern for them who do not want to freeze their toes..! It is a pattern made for beginners, so just go ahead and start knit something warming today!

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Tadpoles Pattern

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Woodland Cowl Procragratification LaceyArchesInfinityScarf_2
Woodland Cowl Pattern Procragratification Infinity Scarf Pattern 

Lacey Arches Infinity Scarf

 Super Easy Knitting Patterns: Leg Warmers

Here are more warming knitting patterns – legwarmers in different styles – and of course; they all are for knitting beginners and therefore,  easy to knit!

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LilyLegwarmers250 easyPeasyLegWarmers
Lila’s Legwarmers Pattern  Lily Legwarmers Pattern Easy-Peasy Leg Warmers Pattern



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Other Free Knitting Patterns to download:

Cable Bag
Cable Bag


Knitting has always been a popular craft and I think that today it is even more loved amongst both the young and the old throughout the world.

Knitting not only reduces stress and tension in your life but also is making you feel really creative! And you do not need to be advanced at this craft, to experience it, even as a beginner you will feel how fun and relaxing it is to knit! The key is, except of course to learn the first basics which you easily can do with some help from knitting lessons and a knit pattern that is the right one for you.

You can find wonderful free easy knitting patterns and create beautiful items! Especially the free baby knitting patterns you can find on this site is suited for the newbie. It is very easy just download knitting patterns by clicking the image or the text link and then on then next page get a hold on the online knitting pattern of your choice.

And by the way…the web is filled with knitting tips, so start today if you haven’t already! Get knitting patterns for any occasion and need here: Free Knitting Patterns to download. Do not hesitate to try – share this creative craft with millions of others all over the world!

Online Knitting Patterns!



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