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Christmas Knitting Patterns

Christmas Knitting Patterns For Holiday Feelings

When you’re looking for something fun and memorable for the holiday season, it’s hard to go wrong with some Christmas knitting. Not only is it a social activity—giving you an excuse to spend some more time with your loved ones—but it also gives you a memento of that season that you can cherish for many years to come.

Christmas Knit Books



126031 100 Little Xmas Gifts to Make Cover.indd F8423 Xmas Book2 King Cole NEW.indd
 Christmas Knits  Deck The Halls    100 Little Christmas Gifts to Make Christmas Knits

Lovely Knitted Christmas Baby Booties

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Christmas Knitting Patterns reindeerbabybooties
Santa Baby Booties Christmas Baby Booties Reindeer Baby Booties


Follow These Links And Find Other Christmas Knitting Patterns:


Free Christmas Knitting Tutorials:

Christmas Knits – Baby Clothes

Nothing is like knitting for the children at Christmas time. It can be hard to find something cute that gives the real holiday feelings though, but the following Christmas knitting patterns for babies are all popular.

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baby--overall BabyBackHogHat SantaMitts_1
Baby Bobbles Cocoon & Hat Baby Overalls and Sweater Baby Back Hog Hat Pattern  Santa Mitts Pattern

The Baby Bobbles Cocoon & Hat and Baby Overalls and Sweater are both easy to knit and you just need some basic knit skills in order to make them.  The cocoon and hat pattern also need you to know some crochet. The stitches used in the pattern are so called “Puff Stitch”, which is described in the pattern and not at all hard to make.

The “Baby Back Hog Hat Pattern” is such a cute christmas hat knitting patterns for baby! It can be a little bit tricky to finish, so you need to have intermediate knitting skills to manage the pattern. Even this pattern includes some crochet stitches but nothing too complicated.


Free Vintage Christmas Pattern:

Little Pony Sweater Vest

Boy’s Sleevesless Pattern

These above Vintage pattern are public domain patternss and I found them on this excellent page: Vintage Christmas Knitting Patterns


Christmas Sweater Knitting Patterns – Great Gift Ideas

Sure, it’s easy to buy some sweaters online or at a department store and give them to your family. But there’s nothing quite like having your family members wear and love something you made for them. Nor are store-bought decorations imbued with the same amount of care you put into ones you made yourself.

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cardigan Callida Sweater full_6422_35735_CelticBraidJacket_1
Christmas Cardigan  (free) Callida Sweater Celtic Braid Jacket Pattern 

If you have knitting needles, yarn, and enthusiasm in spades, the sky’s the limit for what you can do this holiday season. Your choices aren’t limited to the sparse selection that the department stores have. And in fact, often times you can also use  a Christmas sweater knit pattern  in order to make matching sweaters for the entire family. It’s an old holiday custom, but one with still a lot of emotion and relevance behind it today, in modern times.

Christmas Knits – Wraps & Collar

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shawl chrstmshawl Christmas Collar
 Christmas Shawl   (free)  Christmas Shawl Christmas Collar Pattern

Sure, the younger members of my family may grimace when they see my cheery holiday sweaters. But after all is said and done, they still appreciate all the love and care I put into them. It’s a family tradition for many, and Christmas just isn’t the same without their familiar holiday decorations, baubles, and sweaters.

The idea of the “Christmas sweater” has roots dating back thousands of years, when knitting was first invented. It’s a fun, cozy way to spend the holidays with family, and it’s a practice that deserves to go on for thousands more.

In fact, it has recently been popularized, with upscale brands like Jil Sander and Burberry selling them for thousands of dollars. But even still, there’s no replacing the special warmth and comfort that home Christmas knit sweater brings.


Christmas Knitted Hats

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hat-deckthehall Christmas Hats StripedGingerbreadChristmasHat_1
Deck The Hall Hat Christmas Hats  Striped Gingerbread Christmas hat 
SantaSlouch_4 ELFCap_1
Santa Slouch Pattern E.L.F. Cap Pattern

Above you will find a few Christmas hat knitting patterns that a perfect for the upcoming holiday. To knit a hat is made pretty fast, and anyone who receives it will be delighted!




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