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Baby Knitting Patterns Made Easy

Cute Baby Knitting Patterns

If you know any little baby I am sure you have thought about knitting something cute for him or her. It is such a joy to give something you have made yourself, and to knit for the small ones is often made in no time at all. The only things you need are some easy baby knitting patterns, yarn and some spare time!

Top Baby Knit Patterns

Midi Cuddles Comfort Blankets Baby Sleeping Bag Cocoon Sleep Sack
 MidiCuddlesComfortBlankets  BabySleepingBagCocoonSleepSack  

 How To Knit a Toy For Your Baby!

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Have you seen Craftsy’s Knitting Classes? They are so fun to be a part of, great teachers and happy knitters!In this class you will learn to knit seamless, fun toys; elephant, hippo, and bunny. Make several and give to your own kids or to someone you know. Homemade toys are always appreciated!All classes are interactive and there is no risk involved purchasing this class; you have always a money back guarantee on each purchase! So what are you waiting for.. Join thousands of others in this great knitting class! 

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 Wee Ones  Seamless Knit Toys

 Making Knitted Gifts For Babies!

To learn to knit for our small ones is something I think you will never forget. It is so much fun to be able to create small lovely baby knitted toys for example.

There are many benefits of getting some baby knitting patterns and start knitting gifts for babies. Not only will you make that mum and dad very happy…by knitting something for their precious little baby you have shown them how much you love them and how much you care for the family! No greater gift and the one you made by your own hand.

And then you also know what kind of materials you have used to make the knitted baby toy, the knitted baby blanket or the baby clothes or whatever you want to make.

Today there are many dangerous materials found in baby toys, but if you make the knitted toy yourself, you can make assure that you have used only natural and clean materials that fits for a baby, and that no dangerous items like loose eyes and things will be attached to the toy.

Knitted Baby Booties Patterns Made Easy

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Baby Knit Patterns - JadenKnittedBabyBoots
monkey DaisyBabyBooties_1
Jaden Knitted Baby Boots Pattern  Sock Monkey Booties  Daisy Baby Booties Pattern
strap Apple Blossom Baby Booties full_8796_40745_LittleMiceBabyBooties_1
Crossover Strap Baby Shoes Apple Blossom Baby Booties Little Mice Baby Booties

All of the bootie patterns above are booties knitting pattern for beginners. That means that even if you have only a very basic knitting knowledge you can make these cute baby booties.  And if you need some help, please check out our knitting resource box below; there you’ll find descriptions and tutorials on the basic stitches and other knitting help.



My Favorite Craft Knitting Resource Box:


How to knit baby socks – Free video tutorial


 Baby hat knitting patterns

These adorable baby hat patterns to knit are all easy made and comes with instructions for knitting beginners. Don’t miss to make your baby happy with one of them. You will knit them in no time at all!

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cool-wool KnittingpatternforBabyAviatorHat_1 PommeHat_1
Cool Wool Hat And Cowl Set Baby Aviator Hat – Regan Pattern Pomme Hat Pattern
cupcake brim
Cup Cake Pattern Rolled Brim Hat

Flapper Style Winter Cloche – 6-12 Mo. Pattern

Peach Flower Baby Hat full_7556_46174_BabyBackHogHat_5

Peach Flower Hat Pattern

Baby Back Hog Hat Pattern 

Summer Knitting Patterns for Babies 

       Baby Summer Sun Dress and Sun Hat       Mermaid Tail Snuggle Blanket
Baby Summer Sun Dress
and Sun Hat
Mermaid Tail Snuggle Blanket

Baby Knitted Dress Patterns to fall in love with….

Who does not want to knit a little baby dress…..they are all so adorable…:)

full_451_33094_NancyBabyDress_1 full_2727_108841_BabyMargueriteDress_1 full_2450_60480_HelenJoyceBabyDress_2
Nancy Baby Dress Pattern Baby Marguerite Dress Pattern Helen Joyce Baby Dress


How to knit a baby hat – video tutorial


More Cute Baby Knitting Patterns:

All three of the following cute baby knit patterns are different in style and also when it comes to skill level for the knitter. Most baby clothes are easy to put together and can be made even for beginners  but in order to make the New Born Button Up Set need you to know a little bit more. Read more about the patterns by clicking the link below the image.

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BabyHoodedWrapCardigan_1 full_1099_65621_LatteBabyCoat_6 tiered-coat
Baby Hooded Wrap Pattern Latte Baby Coat Pattern Baby and Toddler Tiered Coat


Vintage Knitted Baby Patterns

I am a real fan of vintage patterns, and also the vintage baby clothes are beatiful. I put up some for you here. Why not try a pattern like that next time? Vintage is so cool and the following patterns are all free!

Baby Sacque Pattern
Baby Sacque Pattern Baby Jacket

The vintage baby patterns i found here    You can get other vintage baby knit patterns on the craftori page, and vintage knitted baby booties patterns here. red

How to knit a sweater for baby or toddler

Knitting Patterns Homepage

This is a very basic ribbed hat in several sizes: Basic Ribbed Baby Child Hat This blanket is designed to coordinate with the fan lace hat of my Two Lace Baby Hats pattern. The blanket is knitted in the round working from the outside in. Fan Lace Baby Blanket



Online Knitting Class



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