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Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

Adorable Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

Are you looking for a special way to show a special baby that you care? How are about knitting them a personalized blanket to keep your little angel cozy and warm? Not only does this relaxing hobby help to keep your fingers nimble, it also provides an excellent way for you to create handmade, beautiful items that your loved ones will be sure to cherish. Baby blanket knitting patterns make the perfect gifts for any baby shower or birthday!

Beautiful Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns:

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Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern Paris Knit Baby Blanket Reversible Lace Baby Blanket Knit pattern Entrelac knitted Baby Blanket
Chunky Checks Baby Blanket Paris Knit Baby Blanket #63 CCP Reversible Lace
Baby Blanket
Entrelac Baby Blanket


Baby Blanket Knit Patterns for All Knitters

3422: Baby Blankets Knit Patterns

Sirdar Snuggly DK 4620: Baby Blankets Knit Patterns

Softest Baby Blanket Ever Knit Pattern

Wee Baby Blocks Knit Pattern

Scubaa the Blanket Buddy Knit Pattern

Tunisian Baby Blankets


How to Knit a baby blanket

Candice Baby Blanket and Hat Knitting pattern

Candice Baby Blanket and Hat – FREE pattern

Knitting offers so many possibilities that it can really become an outlet for your creative side. In addition, because of the inexpensive cost of yarn and the huge variety of baby blanket knitting patterns that are available, knitting is a fantastically affordable way to create an awesome gift.

Step 1: Design

Because you are making your own baby blanket, you can create one that is straight out of your own imagination. It can be strictly for decorative purposes, it can be simple and soft, or it can be a unique combination of both. No matter, what you do, a lucky little baby will have a beautiful and thoughtful gift.There are a ton of design ideas out there, but if you need some inspiration, some of the most common baby blanket knitting patterns includes • Flowers• Animals• Butterflies• Teddy bears• Birds• Personalized

If this is your first time knitting, and you fear that you won’t be able to do any of the following patterns, don’t lose hope! Try simple patterns, there are some blankets made with simple stitches that are quite beautiful.

Baby blankets are relatively easy to make, just make sure that make sure that you follow the same stitch and you will be fine. In addition, it is important to note that you must make sure that you stitch the patterns tightly so that they strings don’t loosen after a run in your washing machine.

Step 2: Materials

One of the most important elements of your baby blanket will be the material that it is made out of. For example, the acrylic yarn would be a bad choice because the material isn’t as soft as other options that are available.

Most knitted baby blankets are cuddly and soft so that they can provide the necessary warmth and comfort to keep your baby cozy. A great material is a polar fleece because of its extreme softness, breathability, and the warmth that in provides during the winter season. Chenille is also a nice material.


Knitting Cable Baby Blanket Patterns

SNUG Chunky Cable Blanket Swaddle Me Baby Blanket Braided Cable Baby Blanket
Snuggly Chunky Baby Blanket Pattern Swaddle Me Baby Blanket Braided Cable Baby Blanket

Learn To Knit Cables Properly!

Cabled baby blanket are so lovely, but maybe the thought of knitting cables intimidates you? Don’t fret about it! This Craftsy class will help you master this beautiful technique! The beautiful with Craftsy’s knitting classes is that you can watch it anytime you like, any time a day, and you get lifetime access! And… do not worry…you get a full money back guarantee on your class purchase. So don’t wait! Join now, by clicking this link:

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Explorations In Cables – Online Knitting Class

This Baby Blanket is a student project
from this class

Here are some of other class projects from the knitting cables class. Take a look at what you can achieve by joining the class:  Explorations In Cables 

full_202_151540_LaceAndCableHat_1 full_9283_158078_MyFirstCableScarf_1 full_7425_194082_Graduation_1 Cable Sampler Pillow


Animal Baby Knit Blanket Patterns

There are several cute animal baby blankets out there; really adorable and cozy knitting patterns to make for our little ones. Here you find a few examples:

Baa Lamb Comfort Cuddle Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern
Baa Lamb Comfort Cuddle Blanket


If you are looking for other baby patterns, please take a look at this baby knitting pattern page or at this free page for baby patterns.

Nowadays baby blanket knitting patterns are more hip and stylish than ever before. Do not leave your baby stuck in the dark ages of baby blanket fashion! With all the colors, designs, and patterns available on this site, you won’t go wrong!

With all of your designs, you can have a collection of chic baby blankets that are available in different sizes for both newborns and toddlers. Knitting takes patience and time, but the end result is always worth it. There’s nothing more comforting that a hand-knit baby blanket. Plus, it’s an excellent way to show the little baby how much you care.



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