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To knit your own shawl is very exciting and rewarding.  You can make shawls that fits every occasion and many of the patterns are really easy and fast to knit.

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Easy Knitting patterns shawl Simplicity Triangl Shawl
Glam Shells Silk Jasmine Shawl Simplicity Triangel Shawl
simple zigzag pie
Simple Shawl Lazy Zig Zag Shawl Easy As A Pie!

The Glam shells pattern and Jasmine silk pattern are both patterns for intermediate crocheters, which means that you need some knitting experience and skills to make them. The other are knit shawl patterns for beginners or even novice, which means that anyone can knit them!

If you need some knitting instructions how to knit, pleas check out resource box below!



There are so many beautiful knitting patterns out there, and here I show a few free knitting pattern for scarves and cowls. They all look different because of the yarn and pattern, but all of them easy to make and suitable for beginners.

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Easy Peasy Reversible Cowl 1Hour Seed Stitch Cowl WestDesertHood_1 (1)
Easy Peasy Reversible Cowl Pattern 1 Hour Seed Stitch Cowl Pattern West Desert Hood Pattern
full_1133_40918_SteelGreyChunkyCircularScarf_1 HourHerringboneCowl_3 1

Steel Grey Chunky Circular Scarf Pattern

1 Hour Herringbone Cowl Pattern

 Entrelac Scarf

Some of them might look complicated, but really they are not. They are simple patterns, but look great! That’s good, isn’t it!


Tutorial on Knitting a Scarf and Cowl

If you need help to start your first project, these knitting instructions for beginners video to make your first cowl or scarf might be a help for you.

Click the image and find the videos on the next page.

How To Knit A Basic Scarf how to knit a cowl
How To Knit a Basic Scarf How To Knit A Cowl


A Fast Classic Vintage Knitting Pattern:

Checker Scarf Pattern

Materials that you will need for this scarf:

Suggested yarn:

2 Skeins KENTUCKY ALL PURPOSE YARN—1 Pair Number 8—10″ Needles.

Gauge: 5 sts = 1 inch; 5 rows = 1 inch.

Instructions: Cast on 40 sts.

  • Row number 1—K 5, P 5, (Re­peat across the row).
    Then repeat row number 1 for rows 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • Row 6—P 5, K 5, (Repeat across the row).
    Then repeat row number 6 for rows 7, 8, 9, and 10.
  • The pattern is now completed.
  • To continue the shawl: Rows number 11 to 20, repeat the pattern. Rows number 21 to 30, repeat the pattern.
  • Continue the same pattern until the scarf measures 30 inches (or more if you want a longer scarf.)
  • That’s it – super easy!


 My Favorite Craft Knitting Resorce Box:


Tutorial on How To Knit A Triangle Shawl

Knit Triangle Shawl – How To



The free knitting hat patterns below; are like all the other free patterns on this page for immediate downloading. Just click the links or the images and download on the next page.

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scallop circleshat riplle-hat
Scallop Lace Hat Circle of Friends and Hearts Hat Ripple Cable Hat


A Classic Knitted Hat Pattern:

Giant Rib Pattern

Giant Rib Pattern



Two free patterns for the one who is do not want to freeze their hands or toes..!
They are both patterns made for beginners, so just go ahead and start knit something warming today!

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Tadpoles_1 Mittens
Tadpoles Pattern Mazies’s Mittens Pattern

 Super Easy Knitting Patterns: Leg Warmers

Here are more warming knitting patterns – legwarmers in different styles – and  of course; they all are for knitting beginners and there fore easy to knit!

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LilyLegwarmers250 easyPeasyLegWarmers
Lila’s Legwarmers Pattern  Lily Legwarmers Pattern Easy-Peasy Leg Warmers Pattern

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Woodland Cowl Procragratification LaceyArchesInfinityScarf_2
Woodland Cowl Pattern Procragratification Infinity Scarf Pattern 



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Other Free Knitting Patterns to download:

dishclothes Cable Bag
Plain Jane Dishcloth Cable Bag


Knitting has always been a popular craft and I think that today it is even more loved amongst both the young and the old throughout the world.

Knitting not only reduces stress and tension in your life, but also is making you feel really creative! And you do not need to be advanced at this craft, to experience it, even as a beginner you will feel how fun and relaxing it is to knit! The key is, except of course to learn the first basics which you easily can do with help of some knitting lessons and a knit pattern that is the right one for you.

You can find wonderful free easy knitting patterns and create beautiful items! Especially the free baby knitting patterns you can find on this site is suited for the newbie. It is very easy just download knitting patterns by clicking the image or the textlink and then on then next page get hold on the online knitting pattern of your choice.

And by the way…the web is filled with knitting tips, so start today if you haven’t already! Get knitting patterns for any occasion and need here:Free Knitting Patterns to download. Do not hesitate to try – share this creative craft with millions of others all over the world!

Online Knitting Patterns!

Online Knitting Class

Easy Knitting Projects For Beginners

Easy Knitting Projects For Beginners Easy Knitting for Beginners

On this page I have collected some video tutorials on small, easy knitting patterns for beginners. This is a great way for you to start this wonderful craft called knitting.

You will see that it is not all that hard to do, and I really hope that you will love to do these small knitted items.

How to Knit Pencil Cozies

This is super, super simple, and fun! If you have a young child at home that want to make something crafty; this will be a nice thing for him or her to try.


Knitted Fingerless Gloves | A Quick and Easy Knitted Project

Fingerless gloves are trendy and also very warming. This pattern is also very simple, so why not make more than one pair; these gloves are excellent gifts! Make several of them and keep them in a basket and give to anyone who comes through your door! They will remember you with gladness and feel you love through it!


How to Knit a New Born Baby’s Hat For Beginners

This is such a nice and easy knitting project for knitting beginners. Even if you have never tried knitting before, you can make these small cuties.

Simple Knitting Patterns for Beginners

How To Knit A Very Easy Scarf For Beginners

Scarves are simple knitting patterns for beginners. A scarf was one of my first projects in school, and I think this knitting scarf patterns is almost the same. Good Luck!                  !

Knit a Garter Stitch Scarf