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Warming Knitted Shawl Patterns

Knitted Shawls Are Top Knittings!

The knitted shawl patterns are always asked for a lot and there are tons of them out there. If you are looking for some free shawl patterns you will find a bunch on the free patterns page. There you can find some shawls that people like a lot!

Knitted Shawl KITS:

Ashburn Shawl knitting Kit - None Drachenfelt Shawl knit Kit Lineau Shawl knitted pattern-Kit
  Ashburn Shawl Kit Drachenfelt Shawl Kit  Lineau Shawl Kit


Get Yourself a  Beautiful Knitting Shawl Pattern:

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full_9961_41323_RuffledRuchedScarf_1   Over The Sea To Skye Knitted Shawl Pattern Knitted Shawl Pattern Lucky No 7 Infinity Loop
Ruffled & Ruched Scarf         Over The Sea To Skye Lucky No 7 Infinity Loop Pattern
Sidere Knitted Shawl Pattern Shale Beach Knitted Lace pattern Pascue Flower Knitted Shawl Pattern
Sidere Shawl Pattern Shale Beach Lace pattern Pascue Flower Pattern

We Love Shawl Patterns!

Among all knitted items I think the shawls and scarves must be the most popular to knit. Of course, this is not a scientific statement, but just a feeling I have. It might be baby booties or stockings or something else that comes as number one also.

A shawl is such a useful item. You can wear it when you are cold and need to warm yourself up after a cold winter day, or you can wear a beautiful, elegant shawl on the Friday night party!

Knitting shawls and shrugs is a great way to show off beautiful yarn and knitting stitches and create your absolute unique wear!

One of my own favorites is the Glam Shell Shawl Pattern that is a lace pattern. (This particular pattern also happens to be absolutely free!) I just love lace, it does not matter if it is curtains, sweaters, tablecloths or whatever…Lace is so beautiful!


Knitted Cowl And Neckwarmer Patterns:

full_887_123724_AppiaCowl_3 chunky Redeemed_2
Appia Cowl Pattern Chunky Knit Neck Warmer Pattern Redeemed Neck Warmer Pattern


MFC:s “Increase Your Skills” Tips:

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Knitting Class: Plug & Play: Custom Scarves & Shawls and  Shawlscapes

Become a better knitter by learning to make beautiful scarves and shawls in these excellent knitting courses.
Click The Link Now, and join thousands of other students online!

Plug & Play Custom Scarves & Shawls Knitting Class
Shawlscapes Knitting Class 



One other favorite is actually not a shawl but more of a cowl: The Cool Wool Hat and Cowl Pattern you can find here:

Cool Wool Hat and Cowl Pattern.

It comes in both child and adult sizes!

Cool Wool Hat and Cowl Pattern.

It is such a beautiful pattern, made for wool yarn. This pattern comes in different sizes from children to adults.

If you are knit beginner and do not know where to start, there are very simple shawl patterns for you to begin with. To knit a shawl triangle is easy since you do not need to think so much about size and fitness, but just knit and practicing your skills!

Here comes a couple of videos – free tutorials on how to knit a shawl!

 How to Knit a Shawl:

Good luck with your new project!


 Vintage patterns

Are you interested in Vintage Patterns? They are so cool, and really “hot” now!

Here are a few free patterns – old but nice!

Scarf Pattern Style Nr 138 Minuet Shawl  Scarf Pattern 

Find more vintage shawl patterns on this page


Beautiful Lace Shawl Patterns

In order to put together the “Across the pond shawl” you need to have intermediate knitting skills, while the “Memphis Shawl Patterns” is a little bit more advanced.

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Harathiel Eluhiel Knitted Lace Scarf Across the pond knitted shawl pattern Memphis Shawl Knit Pattern Holbrook Shawl Knitting Pattern
Harathiel Eluhiel Lace Scarf      Across the pond Memphis Shawl  Holbrook Shawl Pattern

Knitting Patterns & Lessons


The vintage patterns are public domain patterns that I found on this page: Vintage

….the result is a light almost weightless shawl with an ethereal feel. This is a very easy knitting project.

Some Free Knitting Shawl Patterns:

Ethereal Shawl- Free Knitting Shawl Pattern

….a shawl that will turn heads and make the wearer feel as elegant as the beautiful diamond pattern. It is simple to knit …..

Free Red Heart Shawl 

Als o find other free shawl patterns on our page for free knitting patterns




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