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Free Christmas Knitting Patterns To Enjoy

If you are up to some Christmas knitting and want to knit something as gifts for your family members, or something for your home as Christmas decorations, I hope you will find some ideas here. Take advantage of our free Christmas Knitting Patterns on this page!

Snowflake Ornaments by Sunne Meyer

Little Christmas Stockings

Christmas is such an inspiring time a year; you often feel creative and want to make your family and friends happy with homemade knitting and other crafts. Nothing can be more cherished than a personally made Christmas knitting gift! The person who receives it will surely appreciate your knitting effort!

Looking for other Christmas patterns?
Here are some:
Christmas Decoration Patterns  and
Christmas Stocking Knit Patterns

Christmas Ornaments – Free Christmas Knitting Patterns for Download:

Campervan Christmas Ornament Decoration Christmas Collection 1

Campervan Christmas Ornament Decoration

Christmas Collection 1


Free Christmas Knitting Patterns Free Christmas Knitting Patterns pudding
 Christmas Love Heart  (free)  Christmas Tree  (free)  Christmas Pudding Decoration (free)
cane bottle FolksyTreeTrims
 Candy Cane Ornament  (free) Christmas Bottle Hat & Scarf  (free) Folksy Tree Trims Pattern (free) 

The above free knitting Christmas tree patterns and also the other Christmas ornaments are all very easy patterns. You will make them in no time, and because of that, you will be able to make many of them for Christmas!

They are all so fun to have to hang on the Christmas tree; I know knitting lovers that have nothing but knitted ornaments on their Christmas tree!

If you want more Christmas ornaments pattern you can take a look here: Knitted ornaments

Free Christmas Stocking Patterns

Argyle Christmas Stocking Cable Christmas Stocking

Argyle Christmas Stocking

Cable Christmas Stocking


Follow These Links And Find Other Christmas Knitting Patterns:

Christmas Knitting Patterns Toys

  hedgehog  reindeer

Christmas Amiguru Hedgehog  (free)  ROFL Dog Antlers Headband  (free)

FREE Dog Christmas Santa Hat


The only problem I used to have with the Christmas knits, is that I always start my projects to late. I don’t know what is the problem with me, but I guess I am a “time optimist”! “Sure I will have time to do this later,” I say, and then suddenly it is December and tons of things to be done for Christmas.

I wish I could learn from my grandma who always started her Christmas knitting projects in early fall. Then she knew that she for sure would have time to finish what she wanted to do, and I don’t believe she ever felt as stressed out as I do sometimes!

So this year ( I am now writing in September) I have decided to start early and try to be a little bit more disciplined about it!



Other Christmas Knitting Patterns

Christmas Cozy Mug Ugly Christmas Beer Hat   Free Christmas Stocking

Christmas Cozy Mug

Ugly Christmas Beer Hat

Free Christmas Stocking

cardigan headband babybean
Christmas Cardigan  (free)  Christmas Headband  (free) Baby Christmas Crackers Hat  (free)

So now let me see… Should I make some Christmas stockings this year or maybe start with making a nice baby set for my brother’s new grandchild; or a Christmas cardigan for my nephew? I think I will start with some personalized stockings, I think they are great! Here are some other free Christmas knitting patterns.

If you want to find some free Christmas pattern you can find some cute ones on this page (above), and as you know we have also other free knitting patterns available. Just browse around our site and have a look!

Happy knitting and good luck with your Christmas projects!

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